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IoT platform
for the internet of things provides highly scalable support for MQTT, based on Akka and Scala technology.

Using an open protocol like MQTT you will be able to interconnect your devices and share messages.

See startup guide
Web interface
easy management

Web panel to manage your Cloud MQTT platform. Direct connect with your context domain engine.

Web panel allows to manage devices, passwords, published messages, do PUBLISH, manage subscriptions.

MQTT + HTTPS access simplified
REST API support will provide you a complete integration interface for your projects using HTTPS. With this API you will be able to:
Publish messages using a web console or services (POST)
Integrate MQTT with your systems using HTTPS
Send and receive MQTT messages using HTTPS
Security options
Secure Cloud MQTT server

MyQttHub supports TLS/SSL/HTTPS for secure MQTT-TLS and HTTPS communications.

Moreover, you can control source IP allowed to connect for all your devices, including MQTT administrator user.

This will provide you additional security to deploy your cloud IoT project, avoiding unauthorized access.

MQTT, beyond IoT
Simple and powerful publish-subscribe

You can use this platform for system interconnection in a way they are isolated from each other (no direct connection), but at the same time connected.

This provides system isolation by providing system decoupling techniques. This allows to separate systems that are producing data from those consuming and processing them.

MQTT support
Count on us

Along with the service, you can count on us to resolve design and usage doubts on how to better deploy and use MQTT for your scenario.

Exclusing Open/Free subscription, all paid options includes platform support service.

Filter support
Filter by topic and content

You can filter subscribe, publish and by content. Filters can be configured for certain topics and limited to certain users.

Filters doc
Stashing support
Durable selective storage

Store your important messages in a durable manner and in the order they were received. This is stashing.

From this storage you can resend messages, view and download them, and much more.

Stashing doc
PUBLISH from panel

You can publish messages using the web panel (without needing a MQTT client). This publish operation can be done in a general domain way or directed to a certain device. This is very useful to debug and direct testing with a certain device. Plans
Starting from Open plans to bigger options, scalable and reliable platform

Open Micro Starter Basic Standard Profesional Premium
Users 100 200 500 1.000 2.000 4.000 6.000
Panels 3 5 10 20 40 70 140
Max connections 50 100 250 500 1.000 2.000 3.000
Storage 10MB 100MB 200MB 500MB 1GB 2GB 2.5GB
Max subscriptions per conn. 50 100 100 100 100 100 100
Max subscriptions 250 500 1.250 2.500 5.000 10.000 15.000
Max message size 4KB 32KB 32KB 32KB 64KB 64KB 128KB
Msg. measuser size 0.5KB 4KB 4KB 4KB 4KB 4KB 4KB
Messages/minute 300 600 1.000 2.000 3.000 6.000 9.000
Messages/hour 800 2.000 4.000 8.000 12.000 24.000 36.000
Messages/day 10.000 24.000 48.000 96.000 144.000 288.000 432.000
Messages/month 310.000 720.000 1.440.000 2.880.000 4.320.000 8.640.000 13.120.000
MQTT TLS protection
Forum access
Private messaging
(Full private topic tree visibility)
Technical Support
(Using forum)
Manage several domains
with one admin account
Open Micro Starter Basic Standard Profesional Premium
Subscription Anual
(See conditions)
Change to monthly

More fire power?
If you need even bigger connections support, more messages and more storage, see next plans: see high scale plans

Dedicated private support
Private support provided by especialized MQTT technicians provides public community support through its forum ( Use support forum as your primary source of support. It is plenty of documentation, cases an articles that will help you develop your IoT project.

If still you need privated dedicated support through mail or by phone, please contact use to know your case:

Support for different configurations
Proposed plans do not fit with your requirements

In case you need different limit configurations, higher connection limits, including deploying on premise, please, contact us: