Frequently asked questions about MyQtthub.com

What are the differences between Open and paid subscriptions?

From a technical point of view nothing. It is the same platform with the same distributed system, sharing same features. Apart from that, every plan has different connection limits and available storage space. Open account is designed for enthusiast and developers that feel comfortable with DYI. Paid accounts included public support provided at community forum

Can I use it with open and closed source projects?

Yes! There is no problem if you are using the platform to build a personal or company solution. If you have an interesting project and you want to speak about it, count on us at community forum

How are messages counted?

Messages are counted and limited by the quota each plan has, and in the case message measurer size is exceeded, message divisions are counted too.

For example, if the max message size that can be sent is 32KB and message measurer is 4KB, then every time it is sent a 8KB message, two messages are counted.

Can I change Open plan for a higher one without losing my accounts/settings?

Yes. Upgrade is done by acquiring selected subscription at plans section.

Can I change a paid plan to an Open or a Paid plan to a lower one?

Yes. The only requirement is that quotas for the plan you want to go to will hold enough storage, connections and subscriptions to support what you are currently using.

To request a change, contact us using management platform PAS by sending us a message using that platform, doing an indication about the details you want to change.

Where can I find service terms and conditions?

You have them available during service subscription, also at available plans and also following next link: MyQttHub.com service terms and conditions