About us MyQtthub.com
A little about us, ASPLhosting.com

Made by ASPLhosting.com, we have created MyQtthub.com to provide a platform that is easy to use to create IoT projects based on the protocol MQTT.org, providing along with other features, a fully open and free plan so you can develop your IoT solution for home, work or company.

MyQtthub.com uses open protocols like MQTT and HTTP, together with technologies like Cassandra, Scala, PlayFramework and Akka, to provide you a scalable, robust and reliable platform.

We are pretty curious about solutions you will be able to develop with it. We think MyQtthub.com will allow you focus on your project features even more.

If you have an interesting MQTT project, tell us and share it at MyQttHub.com forum and community. You can get more information about us at ASPLhosting.com.